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Invest your time and knowledge

Dream. Believe. CREATE. Grow. Share

We believe one of the most valuable ways you can invest in future economic growth is through your time and expertise.

As a mentor you have an opportunity to continually motivate and demonstrate that through collaboration we can change the lives and make a difference to all those we support.

The enthusiasm and creativity of the young entrepreneurs who present their business plans is a great inspiration and gives me confidence in the future of our country’s economy

Liz Pattison, Black Umbrellas mentor

A powerful relationship

There are probably countless moments in your life where you’ve leaned on someone you trust for advice or assistance. Whether the person you turn to is a professor, friend, family member, colleague or other, the importance of mentors is undeniable.

Benefits of mentorship

  • Provide entrepreneurs with an effective sounding board for work-related challenges and decisions
  • Aid with personal growth and confidence levels
  • Guide the growth stages of the entrepreneurs business
  • Help to embed training and classroom learning, and bring it into action
  • Provide BU with sustained direct feedback loop to improve programme effectiveness and information on the progress of the mentee

I want to be a mentor

Black Umbrellas has worked with many mentors, forming deep and meaningful relationships with small businesses and passionate entrepreneurs. The results have been extraordinary. So what makes someone a brilliant mentor?

Someone who:

  • Is an experienced individual who willing to spend time to “give back” or “pass on the torch” to the next generation of entrepreneurs
  • Provides guidance, oversight, and encouragement
  • Provides feedback regarding their mentorship contract, progress, and experience
  • Meets either in person or as otherwise agreed with the mentee (for example, via Zoom or MS Teams) or communicate regularly with their mentee to review their progress and help them work toward identified goals
  • Maintains confidentiality of the relationship – within reporting expectations

What do I need to become a mentor

Each participant in a mentoring relationship brings unique competencies, backgrounds, learning styles, and needs. Because of the vital role a mentor plays in the success of our entrepreneurs, it is important that there is the most promising potential in this relationship to create real change.

What we are looking for

  • Do you have previous entrepreneurial or business leadership experience?
  • Do you have previous mentoring experience?
  • Do you have information on networks, con­nections and stakeholders that can be pulled in to support the business?
  • Can you submit a formal CV outlining working experience, qualifications?
  • What is your personal style, EQ and specific knowl­edge?

Become a mentor

Thank you!