Be a partner in building an economically inclusive future

Black Umbrellas is an organisation that believes in the power of community and collaboration. For over a decade, we’ve harnessed the collective impact of entrepreneurs, enterprises, investors and communities to develop black-owned SMEs. The success of our enterprise development programmes is the result of meaningful opportunities to partner with the public and private sector and civil society.

Donating to Black Umbrellas is a direct contribution to the growth of SMEs that have the potential to create jobs and uplift the South African economy. By partnering with us, you are giving innovative entrepreneurs access to key business development opportunities necessary to grow their business to the next level.

Invest in the training, mentorship and coaching opportunities that will lead to the sustainability of SMEs.

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Set up monthly donations

Contribute monthly and foster a robust entrepreneurial culture. Monthly donations to Black Umbrellas extend the impact of our programmes, giving opportunities for more entrepreneurs to dream, build, create, grow and share.

To donate monthly, download the debit order form below, fill in the form and email it to Once we have processed this, we will contact you to confirm your monthly donations.


Make a once-off donation

A single donation creates a ripple effect of positive change for SMEs. Donate now and support the growth of black-owned businesses who will change our economic landscape.