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Investing in South Africa's future

Sustainable impact is our focus and how we measure our success.


Social investors

Are you a foundation, trust, public organisation, corporate or individual that believes that investing in entrepreneurs and their business journey is a vital investment for economic and social change? Invest in an entrepreneur now.

Invest in an entrepreneur

Capital investors

Are you an enterprise that wants to invest a portion of your ESD budget in assisting SMMEs in facing their financial challenges, thereby giving them a better chance of becoming successful players in the future economy and giving you both a financial and social return on your investment?

Invest in your future


Are you an enterprise or an individual that believes there’s no greater reward than the investment of time and knowledge in building the entrepreneurs of the future and would like to become a mentor?

Support an entrepreneur

Why invest?

Investing in SMMEs not only brightens the future of our economy, but the ripple effect is extensive.

Here are some of the broader effects of your investment:

  • Gives much-needed access for SMMEs to finance and profitability
  • Considerably increases the chances of success of participating SMMEs
  • Increases job opportunities
  • Increases tax money into the coffers
  • Decreases opportunistic crime due to unemployment
  • Decreases  dependence on social welfare and grants Decreases the number of students that require financial assistance

We should treat our entrepreneurs as heroes. We should see our businesspeople as heroes

Cyril Ramaphosa

Black Umbrellas SMME COVID response programme

Re-pivot your businesses in response to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Macsteel Usizo programme

Is your company looking for steel suppliers to procure from? This programme capacitates SMMEs in the steel industry to be compliant with the requirements of the Usizo programme, be able to qualify for credit assistance as well as participate in opportunities within corporate supply chains.

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