The Future Is Bright

As a non-profit organisation, Black Umbrellas NPC offers you an opportunity to drive economic development and contribute towards growing a competitive human capital capacity by investing in 100% black-owned businesses which are unable to afford the Black Umbrellas virtual incubation programmes. Your investment will give these businesses free access to our virtual incubation programmes which includes our mentorship programme, increasing their chance of becoming economically and socially successful businesses, and changing the business landscape of this country.


Maximise Your ESD Budget For Greater Economic Impact

The B-BBEE scorecard is the perfect opportunity for your business to support and grow equal opportunity and participation within the value chains of the South African economy. Within this context, we have created valuable and positive investment products allowing you to use your Enterprise and Supplier Development (ESD) budget to maximise compliance, de-risk your ESD and develop current and future ESD suppliers.


Partner With Us. It Works

  • We source qualifying businesses for your ESD programmes
  • We develop qualifying businesses to a level where they are supply chain ready
  • We provide assistance in developing your ESD strategy and de-risking the implementation of the strategy. In so doing you can make an ever increasing number of procurement opportunities available to businesses in your ESD programme and increase the number of businesses within the programme
  • We invest a portion of your ESD budget in a debt fund, in partnership with Mianzo Asset Management, which can be deployed to finance the procurement transactions you’re making available within your ESD programme
  • We use our Payment Accelerator platform to securely manage the invoice financing activities as well as obtain detailed reporting on all procurement activities

Our Investment Philosophy

Our global investment philosophy centres around merging talent, investment, support and guidance to nurture the SMME ecosystem and allow it to flourish and grow. The value of this ecosystem is ultimately regarded as our success. We believe this philosophy ensures both economic and social return on investment.

Why invest?

The combination of financial and non-financial support is critical to ensure the sustainability of emerging small businesses in South Africa. The local economy will grow if procurement opportunities are made available to qualifying small businesses in terms of corporate ESD strategies. ESD suppliers will be able to scale and grow on the back of these opportunities with working capital finance being made available to ensure supply chain requirements are met.

  • Give much-needed access for SMMEs to finance and profitability
  • Considerably increase the chances of success of participating SMMEs
  • Increase job opportunities
  • Increase tax money into the coffers
  • Decrease opportunistic crime due to unemployment
  • Decrease dependence on social welfare and grants
  • Decrease the number of students that require financial assistance

“We should treat our entrepreneurs as heroes. We should see our business people as heroes”

Cyril Ramaphosa

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