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  • We source qualifying businesses for your ESD programmes
  • We develop qualifying businesses to a level where they are supply chain ready
  • We provide assistance in developing your ESD strategy and de-risking the implementation of the strategy.  In so doing you can make an ever increasing number of procurement opportunities available to businesses in your ESD programme and increase the number of businesses within the programme
  • We invest a portion of your ESD budget in a debt fund which can be deployed to finance the procurement transactions you’re making available within your ESD programme
  • We use our Payment Accelerator platform to securely manage the invoice financing activities as well as obtain detailed reporting on all procurement activities

“In South Africa, the National Development Plan enjoins all social partners to work together to create fertile conditions to grow small enterprises”

Cyril Ramaphosa

Partner for success

  • We use your ESD strategy to help you build sustainable businesses by using small and medium businesses in your supply chain
  • We optimise your B-BBEE Scorecard compliance requirements by creating sustainable business channels for qualifying SMMEs
  • Our successful graduating clients can provide scoring on Enterprise Supply Development if the enterprise is absorbed into your own corporate supply chain

Black Umbrellas SMME COVID response programme

Re-pivot your businesses in response to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Macsteel Usizo

Is your company looking for steel suppliers to procure from? This programme capacitates SMMEs in the steel industry to be compliant with the requirements of the Usizo programme, be able to qualify for credit assistance as well as participate in opportunities within corporate supply chains.

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