Rethbeth (Pty) Ltd


RETHBETH (Pty) Ltd is a sanitation company that offers toilet hire, sanitation equipment supply, fumigation, pest control, enviro-loo services and sceptic tank services. Founded in 2020 by James Mafa and Maggie Ramolobeng, the company primarily services disadvantaged communities in the rural and surrounding areas of Lephalale, Limpopo.

After almost 7 years of unemployment, James Mafa decided to take his destiny into his own hands in founding RETHBETH. “I realised that at my age, and in this economy, the chances of finding employment were slim,” he said. Research played an integral role in identifying a gap in the market for affordable, reliable sanitation services. The company was registered after Mafa found that his own community was in need of proper sanitation. In this way, starting the business was not just a solution to his unemployment – it was a passion project, too. As he rode his bicycle through the streets of Lephalale one day, Mafa came across an office that offered entrepreneurial development to the residents of the town. That same day, he entered the building and, in his own words, “That’s the day RETHBETH (Pty) Ltd was born”.

When asked if he had always wanted to be an entrepreneur, Mafa doesn’t hesitate to say yes. With an answer as confident as his, it comes at no surprise that he has invested R100 000 in the process of getting the business off the ground. His investments have earned the business essential inventory, such as 4 new portable toilets, a generator and office infrastructure like a copy machine and laptop, amongst various consumables at the time. Even with these achievements, Mafa admits that one of his greatest challenges was raising capital for the business.

Before joining the Black Umbrellas programme, Mafa had never written a business plan. As he reflects on the experience of receiving training and mentorship through Black Umbrellas, he recalls the programme being rigorous and challenging. Having preserved through it, however, the founder of RETHBETH wouldn’t trade the invaluable lessons for anything. “I learned how to draw up a business plan, market my business through better channels, get contacts from big businesses, and became a member of other business support entities,” he said.

Today, RETHBETH is fully operational, with 2 contracts from Securelife Security Services and Magovheni Civil and Construction. The company now has a bakkie and 11 portable toilets, 9 of which are currently on the sites of Eskom substations and CNC’s. Although RETHBETH has made great strides in a short space of time, these successes only mark the very beginning of a fruitful journey. Mafa shows no signs of stopping, with short-term goals that include securing a larger contract from a company like Eskom, Exxaro, or Anglo Platinum.

RETHBETH’s service offerings are extensive and far-reaching. Servicing schools, households, construction sites and other industries, Mafa and his team have created a company that is not only profitable, but speaks to the immediate needs of its community. With the training, coaching and mentorship received from Black Umbrellas, the company has been formalised, putting it in a great position to acquire stellar partnerships, create more jobs and market its way to a better tomorrow.