Gauta Motaung


As a young boy from the Free State, Gauta Motaung’s fondest childhood memory was the entrepreneurial lessons he learned from his grandfather. A man he can only describe as a hard worker who conducted his livestock business with hopes of achieving success that would result in generational wealth. Today, Gauta uses the same work ethic and values to continue on his own quest to build a legacy.

For Gauta, the journey started years after relocating to Lephalale when he realised that there was a gap in the market for local black service providers to participate in large infrastructure contracts that were taking place in the area. This resulted in him registering his own company, Taung Constructions.

To ensure that the company was nurtured efficiently from its start-up phase, Gauta decided to join the Black Umbrellas incubation programme.

“I realised that although I was technically sound, I needed the business acumen training as well as access to markets in order to succeed” explains Gauta.

Since joining the programme, Taung Constructions secured a three year contract by Coal Milling Projects for an Eskom Matimba project as well as a short-term contract to refurbish staff accommodation in the area. To support these new projects, the company is set to create 12 new job opportunities.

As a passionate youth leader, Gauta is quick to remind aspiring young entrepreneurs in the community that his newfound success did not come easy as he had to push through a lot of barriers and resistance when many others would have simply given up.

“Be disciplined and know why you are on this journey! I do it to create a legacy of generational wealth for the Motaung family. The same legacy that my grandfather started to envision when he sold livestock. Once you have that discipline and vision, giving up will never be an option!” concludes Gauta.

Black Umbrellas’ Lephalale incubator is proud of having Taung Constructions as a client on the program. The growth prospects for SME clients such as Taung Constructions continues to inspire our resolve and give credence to the incredible work that our teams are involved in.