Capital investors

Are you an enterprise that wants to invest a portion of your ESD budget in assisting SMMEs in facing their financial challenges, thereby giving them a better chance of becoming successful players in the future economy and giving you both a financial and social return on your investment?

Maximise your ESD budget for greater economic impact

The B-BBEE scorecard is the perfect opportunity for your business to support and grow equal opportunity and participation within the value chains of the South African economy. Within this context, we have created valuable and positive investment products allowing you to use your Enterprise and Supplier Development (ESD) budget to maximise compliance, de-risk your ESD and develop current and future ESD suppliers.

“Countries that fail to invest in entrepreneurial development stifle their own growth potential and limit the prosperity of their people”

Cyril Ramaphosa

Optimising ESD procurement

Invoice finance platform

Use your ESD budget to provide invoice financing to your ESD suppliers for the procurement you’ve provided to them and enable them to free up their working capital. We have licensed a patented supply chain finance and invoice validation platform that allows your business to extract maximum value from your supply chain while giving your suppliers access to the short-term finance solutions they need to grow their business.

Black Umbrellas Mianzo SMME ESD debt fund

Black Umbrellas Capital, in partnership with Mianzo Asset Management, operates an ESD debt fund. This fund enables you to use your ESD budget to place capital in the debt fund and use this to provide both pre and post-invoice working capital funding to your ESD suppliers in respect of the procurement transactions you have provided to them. The post-invoice financing will be deployed via the Black Umbrellas Payment Accelerator Platform. The fund ultimately allows for the stimulation of the SMME economy and the subsequent creation of jobs.

Why invest

The combination of financial and non-financial support is critical to ensure the sustainability of emerging small businesses in South Africa. The local economy will grow if procurement opportunities are made available to qualifying small businesses in terms of corporate ESD strategies. ESD suppliers will be able to scale and grow on the back of these opportunities with working capital finance being made available to ensure supply chain requirements are met.

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